Naples Dog Clothing: Outdoor Dog Gear for Spring!

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Outdoor Dog Gear for Spring!

2106base-jumper-raincoat-wind-breaker-puppia-red-2Base Jumper Raincoat Wind Breaker by Puppia  – Lightweight comfort for a slightly chilly or breezy day. Reflective “Puppia Sports” strip on arms and back. Adjustable cinching strings and stoppers on the hood, sleeves and bottom. Waterproof. Leash hole on the back of the neck. Hook and loop closure along belly. Hand washable. Why We Love It: This sporty jacket will be perfect for a brisk spring or fall day. The Base Jumper Raincoat by Puppia is waterproof and designed to reflect current human fashions. This red wind breaker dog jacket is lightweight and lined with mesh for ultimate comfort. Learn more.

Ddoggles-shiny-blue-frame-with-blue-lens-1Doggy Goggles – Yes, protective eyewear for your dog is just as important as outdoor eyewear for people. Dog sunglasses filter out UV rays and provide protection from dust and grass. Learn more.

Blue bckpkRed Back Pack – For those walks outside or in the woods. Great for carrying treats! Available in red, blue or pink.  Learn more.

Springtime Pet Tips

The air is getting warmer, the sun is brighter and the lure of the outdoors is calling our pets.

Here’s our top tips for keeping your pet safe:

  1. Time to Spay and Neuter: If you haven’t done so already, there are many benefits to spaying and neutering pets. Sterilization surfer reduces pet overpopulation and often makes animals easier to live with. The procedure eliminates their urge to urinate on furniture and other objects, and keeps them from roaming in times of peak fertility.
  2. Parasite Prevention: Spring means ticks in some part of the country. When the weather warms, and the grass grows, it’s time to prevent ticks, especially if your pet visits grassy areas.
  3. Do not feed newborn wild animals: Contrary to popular belief, animals will not abandon their babies when they smell a human scent. It is perfectly natural for some animals such as rabbits to leave babies alone for hours at a time. Do not feed these newborns, since if you don’t give them the right food, you could be creating more harm than good.
  4. Seasonal Allergies: Unlike humans, pets show signs of allergy on their skin. If you see coat licking or hot spots, head shaking and scratching, then consider allergies as a possible cause.
  5. Pet Identification: Get your pet permanently identified with a microchip. They are the size of a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin. Tags can get lost, but microchips are forever.

Dress My Dog Naples – New Product Alert!

Doggles – Chrome Frame with Smoke Lens

Doggles dog goggles are designed to protect dog’s eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. Your dog can’t tell you his eyes hurt, so be proactive and help your dog help its own eyes. The lenses are 100% UV protection, shatterproof, anti-fog and are interchangeable, so you can change color for the time of the day or situation. The frames are made of rubber and are super flexible. The deep lens cup keeps the lens away from the eye, preventing potentially dangerous rubbing or hitting of the eye. Doggles are worn by working dogs all over the world such as K9 Units, Border Patrol dogs, and Search & Rescue dogs.  Why We Love It: Dogs need UV protection just as humans do, and if your dog is out and about with you, and you have your sunglasses on, your dog should be wearing Doggles eyewear to protect its eyes from harmful UV rays too. Doggles are designed just for dogs with a deeper lens cup (because dogs have protruding eyes), wide nose bridge (because dogs have really big noses), foam padding around the entire frame, and soft adjustable head and chin straps. Doggles also come recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists to protect their patients in all types of situations and also after some types of eye surgery.  And don’t forget that these Chrome Frame and Smoke Color Lens Doggles are in the height of dog fashion!

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