Dress My Dog Naples – Labor Day Salute for Working Dogs

On Labor Day most people spend the long holiday weekend celebrating hard working people without thinking about hard working dogs. Many people do not realize how many hard working dogs there actually are in The United States.

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is just one example of the hard working dogs that deserve to be saluted this Labor Day. Did you know that there are over 52 million people in the United States that are mentally and/or physically handicapped? This explains why organizations, such as Guardian Angels are so important to Americans.

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc., specifically chose to become a 501(C)(3) corporation in an effort to make as many of these dogs available to people suffering from Seizures, PTSD, Mobility Issues, Autism, Diabetes or Hearing Impairment.

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs train their dogs to do various medical service jobs such as:

  • Alerting for help
  • Alerting prior to a seizure (diabetic, epilepsy and other types of seizures)
  • Alerting to a change in insulin levels
  • Open/close doors, drawers and refrigerators
  • Pick up dropped items
  • Assist with mobility issues
  • Mitigate the challenges of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Assist the hearing impaired, those with autism and so much more

Click HERE to learn more about Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs!

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