Dress My Dog Naples – Labor Day Dog Dangers

Be aware of the dangers to your dog while celebrating Labor Day this year!

Labor Day Dog Carrier

Dress My Dog Naples

1. Dog Heat Stroke – Hydration is extremely important as your dog can overheat in just a matter of minutes. Be sure your dog has a plenty of cool water available at all times.

2. Dog Paw Burns – Keeping your dog in the shade will help to prevent them from burning their paws on the hot cement. Be sure to put apply a cold, wet compress, clean the area with pet-safe ointment or aloe vera, and wrap with gauze if you notice your dog limping, licking his cracked or blistering paw pads.

3. Dog Sunburn – Hairless, light skinned, light colored, shaved, or pink-nosed pups are especially in danger of being burned. Be sure to pick up a non-toxic, fragrance free sunscreen. Lotions tend to work best for dogs with thicker coats.

4. Dog Swimming – Never leave your dog unattended while swimming and be sure your dog is wearing a doggie life preserver. Dress My Dog Naples has a variety to choose from.

5. Dog Food/Water – It’s best to not give your dog table food as some foods are toxic to dogs. Try to refrain from giving your dog onions, grapes, mushrooms, avocados, lunch meat, and more to avoid upsetting their stomach and causing diarrhea or vomiting.

6. Dog Traveling – A pet restraint is always recommended. This will help keep your dog from being a distraction to the driver as well as keep them safe

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