Dress My Dogs Naples Swimming Dog Safety Tips

Safety tips to help keep swimming dogs healthy and happy this summer

Dress My Dog Naples

Never leave your dog unattended near a body of water. Good supervision is the best way to help prevent an unfortunate mishap. Like children, vigilance is the number one way to keep your dog safe.

Put your aquatic life vest preservers on before you go into the water!

Train your dog by the water prior to allowing them to swim. Throwing a dog in the water that is not yet comfortable can be devastating. Bring your dog in the water with you. Use simple commands, such as “come” and “swim,” while you and your dog slowly continue deeper into the water.

Be cautious of alligators, crocodiles and other creatures that may be a risk to you and your dog while swimming in lakes and rivers.

Don’t forget a supply of water for the two of you. You will both need a cool and refreshing drink when you’re done playing in the water.

Happy Swimming…Have fun and stay safe!

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