Measuring Your Pooch for the Perfect Fit

With the wide variety of apparel and accessories available for pets, choosing the right size can be daunting. And proper fit is especially important for dogs. Wearing anything on their bodies is an alien concept to them, and they will not be comfortable with the experience if they feel constricted or their movement is hindered.

Improper fit can even be dangerous — too tight can impair blood circulation or interfere with natural movement and breathing, and garments that are too loose can create safety hazards by tangling in your dog’s legs or falling down over their eyes. Beside that — just like us, our pets simply look better in properly fitted clothes!

And just like us, individual dogs vary in size and physique. Even within individual breeds, there is a lot of variation in size, so choosing your size based on a list of breeds is not a very accurate method, either, so such lists should only be taken as a suggestion, not a true guideline. S ize ranges such as ‘small, medium and large’ can also be deceptive, as everyone’s perception of generalized sizes is a bit different. One person’s concept of a medium sized dog is quite often another person’s concept of a small dog. The only truly accurate way to choose the right sized garments for your dog is to use your dog’s actual measurements. Just like in human clothing sizing, there are certain key measurements for each type of dog garment.

Manufacturers will usually list at least one measurement as a guideline for their sizes, but the best fitting clothing will be based on more than one measurement. Knowing what these measurements are, and where they are found on your dog’s body is the first step toward finding your dog’s ideal fit.

HERE is a great video from Martha Stewart that gives some more infomation of fitting your dog properly.

For more information on fitting your dog properly, please visit




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