Protect Your Best Friend in the Florida Heat

The weather is changing a bit here in Southwest Florida, so that mean the temperature is going up! Walking your dog outside during the heat could be stressful for him/her. Be sure to take precautions.

  • All dogs need outdoor exercise, but on hot days try to restrict walks and exercise to early mornings or evenings, when the heat is less severe.
  • Be sure to keep your dog hydrated. Always ensure that your dog has cool, fresh water available. When walking or hiking, bring a small bowl and allow your dog to drink small amounts of water throughout the walk.
  • Your dog can get sunburnt too! Dogs with light colored noses or ears may need some sunscreen in those areas.
  • Concrete and asphalt can burn paw pads on hot days – test the temperature with your hand before a walk, or have your dog wear booties to protect the paws.
  • Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car – EVER – even when it is 80 degrees out. In a very short time, your dog can die of heat exhaustion.

To cool down a hot dog, apply cool water to the bottom of the dog – the feet or the belly. You can leave a kiddie pool in the shade, lay down a cool damp towel, or spray water directly on to the dog.

If your dog has overheated, you should cool him/her down immediately with the above tips and call your vet if the condition does not improve. Overheating should not be taken lightly, and seeing a vet in these circumstances could save your dog’s life.

With summer approaching in Southwest Florida, heat safety is extremely important for pet owners to be aware of. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, making them extremely susceptible to heat stroke.

Keeping all of these suggestions in mind, you can continue to have fun and healthy summers with your dog.

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