Why Dress Your Dog?

There are several reasons why a dog owner would want to dress their dog in fashionable dog clothes.  The most obvious reason is to have fun with your dog.  Nothing puts a smile on a face like cute outfit on a super cute dog!  However, there are practical reasons for dressing your best friend.  Even in the Southwest Florida climate, some dogs get cold easily and need extra warmth in air conditioned areas or chilly weather.  A Chihuahua, Yorkie, or a Chinese Crested doesn’t have much natural insulation or a heavy coat, so they can easily get cold in temperatures less than 80 degrees – inside or outside.   Your Akita or Siberian Husky won’t need to keep warm, but a light dog shirt in the Florida winter might be fun.

Safety is another reason to dress your dog…

Another reason is safety.  If you run or walk with your dog at dawn or dusk, a reflective dog vest like the one you wear is a good idea.   If you take your dog boating, as many of us do in Naples, the same idea applies – a dog life vest for your dog could save his life.

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